Welcome to the offices of the Doctors Brennan:
Dr. James and Dr. Richard

We believe in providing the finest in women’s health care
in a caring, friendly atmosphere. Our services include
assisting with all aspects of gynecology, pregnancy, labor
and delivery, as well as with the special challenges experienced
by women who are in the obstetrical high risk category.
Additionally, one of our Doctors, Richard X. Brennan, MD, is
a leading Midwest authority on Natural Family Planning.
See the following link.

Natural Family Planning

We know there are times you have questions about your health
and need a reliable reference. As your health care providers,
we want you to have the comfort of accessing that kind of
information 24 hours a day. We have provided this web site as
an easy-to-use medical reference and home medical companion.
You will find many of the answers regarding women’s issues, as
well as useful information for the rest of the family.

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